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What is Youth Night?

Youth Night is a time for church youth groups to get together for fellowship.  At our last Youth Night we had great songs, a skit and a good devotional about not following the crowd but being set apart for God.

We need to know for sure we are going to heaven when we die, and then we need to be willing to give up the temporary treasures of this world and focus on being popular for Jesus Christ, not man. 

We all had fun Playing basketball, Volleyball and Capture the Flag (one of my Favorite games).  And the BBQ was great.  There were fifty people in all.

We all had a Blast, and we can't wait for the next one!!  Please join us for it.  For more info, contact Jim Reed at (602) 978-0016 or e-mail him at jreed@john112.com

Pictures of our last Youth Night



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Camp FO-I-FA Family Night Youth Night

Please come and visit us, we teens would really love to see you.

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